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Angry, mad or sad?

Feeling frustrated or held back?
Is this getting in the way of the life you deserve

Let a qualified and experienced coach guide you.

One on one mentoring can make a positive change to your life.

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Is your relationship on fire?

Imagine a life without love, joy and passion.

Invest in your relationship and ignite excitement, liveliness, and romance.

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Telepsychology Now Available!

Save resources and money from taking time off to visit to a therapist with corporate & life coach consultations now available

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How can I help you?

If you’re experiencing any kind of mental illness or problem in relationships.

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About-Alegna Solutions | Psychologists Gold Coast
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I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

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Let me introduce myself

I’m Angela Elia – Expert Psychologist from Gold Coast.

J.P Commissioner for Declarations B. Behavioural Science (Hons) M.A.P.S

Angela Elia is a life strategist regarded for her ability to help people manoeuvre and navigate their life to where they want to go. Initially her work contributed to community organisations, school settings and the Department of Child Safety. In the private sector she has worked for organisations such as Woolworths Limited and consults to executive directors, chairman’s, CEOs and politicians.

Angela provides confidential counselling, coaching and mentoring services to her clients Australia wide based from her picturesque private practice on the Gold Coast which boasts a panoramic setting of the Southport Broadwater.

Angela specialises in helping individuals make the most of their lives and is a firm believer in “Conscious Choice, Conscious Living”. Angela and her practice can assist you with the following issues and problems:

Depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, mental health issues, domestic violence (including men’s issues, women’s issues & sexual problems). Grief and Bereavement, Trauma and abuse counselling, couples therapy, separation and relationship difficulties, Life coaching, Personal growth and Psychological education.

Principal Psychologist

B. Behavioural Science (Hons) M.A.P.S
EFT Practitioner | Life Coach |Strategist
J.P Commissioner for Declarations









Welcome to Alegna Solutions Psychology Practice

Alegna Solutions takes an innovative 21st century approach in delivering psychology, mentoring, and coaching services to our Gold Coast clientele. You can also access our services wherever you live via video consultation (telepsychology) connecting regional Australians in addition to those who require more convenience and privacy.


Life-changing sessions for adults, no matter what age group they belong to.


A special session for your kids regarding personal problems, school and studies.


Join me with your family and we’ll dicuss your issues to make your bonds better.


Arrange a business session for your organization to boost the outcome.


Magical & Inspirational lessons for people seeking help.

If you don’t make time for your Wellness. You will be forced to make time for your Illness.

~ Angela’s Answers

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