DVA Claiming

Alegna Solutions is a registered psychology provider for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). This means we can conveniently submit your claims directly using online claiming technology. Please ensure your Repatriation Health Card is presented to our administration team and your treating psychologist upon your initial consultation with us.

How do I access this service?

You must be referred to Alegna Solutions by one of the following professionals:

  • Local Medical Officer (LMO);
  • General Practitioner;
  • medical specialist;
  • hospital discharge planner;
  • another psychologist with a current referral who is transferring you to Alegna Solutions; or
  • approved counsellor from the VVCS – Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS).

A referral remains active for 12 months from the date of referral.

Please contact us if you require assistance obtaining a referral – most General Practitioners should be able to do this for you.

It is important that you make clear to your referrer that you are a DVA cardholder otherwise your referral may not be valid/correct type. DVA referrals to our practice must include but is not restricted to the following information:

  • veteran’s name
  • veteran’s DVA file number (shown on the Repatriation Health Card)
  • veteran’s date of birth
  • veteran’s address
  • veteran’s clinical details (including recent illnesses, injuries and current medication, if applicable)
  • condition to be treated
  • description of the requested service
  • referrer’s name and provider number and
  • date of referral

The above must be provided by the referrer using letterhead or alternatively using a D0904 voucher from the DVA.

Please ensure your referral is faxed or eMailed to our practice ahead of your initial appointment for processing – your referrer will usually do this for you. If we have not received your referral by your appointment time you may be charged for the consultation fee.

How many services can I have? 

Your psychologist will determine the type, number and frequency of services you require according to your clinical need.

Depending upon your entitlements you may be covered for as many consultations as required indefinitely. To assist your referrer to prepare a correct referral, please contact the DVA and check what psychology items you are covered for first.

Do I need to pay?

Not for consultations. Alegna Solutions will bill DVA directly using online claiming for any care provided to you.
You will however need to pay for any fees, charges, products or services provided not covered by the DVA – your psychologist will explain this during your initial consultation.

Can I choose to be treated as a Medicare or private patient?

Yes, you can choose to be treated as a Medicare or private patient. However if you take this option, DVA will not pay for any services that have been paid in part or full by Medicare, private health insurance or a third party compensation benefit.

PLEASE NOTE that a Mental Health Treatment Plan is applicable only for those who wish to be treated as a Medicare patient under the Australian Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative – it is not valid for DVA claiming. If you are referred to our practice under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative you will not be able to access your entitlements provided by your Repatriation Health Card. Please check that your referral is the correct type to avoid disappointment and hassles later.

Repatriation Transport Scheme

Holders of the Repatriation Health Card may be entitled to assistance towards travelling expenses to and from the Alegna Solutions practice. If you require assistance arranging or paying for your transport please contact the DVA to discuss your eligibility.

For more information on any of the above please refer to the DVA website –  http://www.dva.gov.au