Dealing with Uncertainty in Life

Dealing with Uncertainty in Life - Gold Coast

Our lives are completely unpredictable!

We will never know what happens every single second. We live between fear and hope. Amazingly, our whole lives are spent like this. We save ourselves from fear and we move on with hope!

The unexpected events we see, the accidents we come across and the deaths we hear about, all amplifies our fear of uncertainty in life.

Fear is our emotional

reaction to an event that could include any individual, time, and place that seems dangerous to us. Anything can appear fearful to one person but may or may not seem frightening to others. Thus making fear a subjective reaction from an individual.

If a person is unable to fight with the uncertainties and fearfulness in their life, he/she may get mentally weakened, this weakness may escalate to more serious clinical issues in few people and may become a cause of traumatization.

The mental health problems that develop due to constant fear or feeling of uncertainness will lead to anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many others alike.  The question is how and when people are being affected by these disorders?

The answer is due to the inability to cope with uncertainties in life. Sometimes when someone’s fear is triggered it could set them spiraling out of control.

Well, if we talk about the solutions that reduces the fear of uncertainty? After all that is what we are here for. Every person is unique and must be attended to on a case by case bias as there is no one solution to cure all.

HOPE plays an important role in reducing fear for some people. It is a positive desire of expectation about anything or anyone. Being hopeful makes us feel more optimistic and courageous about life. Which in turn increases a person’s confidence and expectation with their lives.

Keeping hope for future and following the next few strategies can help us fight uncertain situations in life. Some examples of good approaches to fight uncertainty include;

  1. Stop resisting the reality of trauma or event; that only prolongs pain and reduces our energy to fight back.
  2. Think positively in any circumstance, even if you feel depressed or low. Think about the good things in life around you and how important you are for others and likewise.
  3. Sometimes situations feel uncertain because of our false perception. It is important that we approach every situation with room for doubt as everything may not seem as you see it.
  4. Try to find meaning in whatever happens because nothing happens without a reason and without a cause.
  5. Try not to depend on others to come and rescue you. Keep your energies high and believe that you will be able to support yourself. You may be your own best savior.