Executive Mentoring & Coaching

Achieve your true professional potential with leadership coaching at Alegna Solutions on the Gold Coast.Executive mentoring is a unique service designed to meet the needs of highly accountable and responsible professionals. By providing ongoing leadership coaching and assistance in a comfortable, open yet professional environment, our psychologists encourage executives to overcome both temporary and ongoing challenges to achieve leadership and career outcomes that their intelligence, experience, and dedication warrants.

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Our career coaching services on the Gold Coast can help with a range of problems including:

  • Problems communicating with junior staff
  • Problems communicating with colleagues
  • Difficulty keeping up with industry updates
  • Difficulty connecting to critical business issues
  • Missing key skills (e.g., business management and HR in a specialist context)
  • Feeling unchallenged or bored
  • Not being seen as a leader or pioneer in your field
  • Not being able to move up the executive career ladder (hitting the ‘glass ceiling’)
  • No longer finding success with the same techniques
  • Difficulty learning contemporary management strategies
  • Cultural education challenges
  • Any other perceived ‘roadblock’

If you find yourself dealing with any of these problems then our mentoring and coaching on the Gold Coast at Alegna Solutions may be for you. Through the course of several sessions at our Gold Coast clinic, you will have the opportunity to explore and action career solutions including but not limited to:

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Identifying useful further education, including postgraduate or postdoctoral courses
  • Using lateral thinking to uncover multiple pathways around seemingly impossible situations
  • Tapping into the expertise of close colleagues
  • Learning proven interpersonal communication techniques
  • Drawing inspiration from and modelling your career on successful individuals
  • Taking advantage of limited ‘me time’ to regroup and reset

Our career coaching is designed to suit the scheduling of a full time job, sessions are tailored to suit your needs with both phone and Skype sessions available. To find out more about how executive mentoring and leadership coaching could transform your professional career, contact us today on 1300 304 385.