Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation

Are you in the Gold Coast or Queensland area and getting married? Have you considered premarital counselling? At Alegna Solutions, we provide a premarital counselling service for the Gold Coast area.

What is premarital counselling?

Premarital counselling is when couples who are planning to get married, come and talk to a highly qualified marriage and family therapist. You can talk about all the issues that you will experience in marriage; it is a way of preparing you for marriage.

Marriage is a life-changing commitment, and through premarital counselling you can help to develop your relationship and build a stable marriage. Most cases of divorce happen within the early years of marriage. Premarital counselling is a way of dealing with potential problems before they happen.

What do you discuss?

In a premarital counselling service offered by Alegna Solutions, we will cover topics such as:

  • Beliefs and values – Do you have life goals? Is there a way you want to live your life? Will you attend church/ temple together?
  • Roles and expectations – What do you expect your partner to do? Is it realistic? Is there anything that you expect, which your partner refuses to do?
  • Relationship with the family – How will your family interact with you? Where will you spend Christmas? Do you plan to let your mother come and stay when she’s ill?
  • Decision-making – How do you deal with a deadlock?
  • Finances – Will you open a joint account? Savings account? Pensions? Can you stick to a budget?
  • Family planning – Will you have children? How will you bring them up? What happens if you have problems falling pregnant? Would you consider adoption?
  • Wills and Living Wills – have you planned ahead? Do you need to start thinking about the worst-case scenario?
  • Conflict Resolution – How will you deal with anger and arguments?
  • Sex – How affectionate do you want to be in public? Will things change now you are married? Will you use contraception?
  • Time spent together – Do you want to set aside a special ‘date-night’ once a week?
  • Crisis – What would you do if your partner cheated? Would you consider marriage guidance counselling? Is there an absolute deal breaker?
  • Divorce – How do you feel? Have you had experience of someone else’s divorce?

This list is not exhausted. It is a chance to talk about important issues, including divorce.

You may not want to discuss divorce when you are about to get married, but be realistic.

Take this opportunity to talk about these uncomfortable issues with a professional counsellor; Alegna Solutions provides premarital counselling on the Gold Coast.

In the end, it is about making sure your relationship has a healthy foundation on which you build your marriage. Start your married life feeling like you can take on any problem and overcome any issue.