Reasons for Low Motivation

Reasons for Low Motivation - Gold Coast

Motivation is a strong and powerful driving force behind most (if not all) of our actions. When we are motivated, we are able to contribute more to our lives, work and relationships and can organise and accomplish more of our tasks and responsibilities efficiently.

It goes without saying that having low motivation can affect our performance and results in a negative way. Sure, you may still be able to get some work done or tick off those tasks on your to-do list, but deep down you know that the results would’ve been better if you hadn’t had done it half-heartedly.

There are many reasons why people suddenly lose their motivation to work or perform an activity and two of the most common ones are lack of energy and sickness.

Lack of Energy and Sickness

We all know how difficult it can be to get out of bed and head to work or carry out daily tasks when we feel sick. Feeling weak under such conditions is pretty normal, even if it is just a simple case of cold or cough.

When we are sick, our body feels exhausted and drained, and this is because our body is using all of its energies in fighting off the infection that is causing the illness. That is why even if you want to get out of bed, your body tries to resist. There are people who say that it is a matter of mind over body, but that is not always the case. It can be hard to focus and concentrate on an activity when you’re constantly thinking about your aching head and body.

Improving Your Health and Energy Levels

Some people are able to win the battle over low motivation and laziness even when their bodies are weak and sick. However the majority of us don’t have that kind of strength or discipline.

To ensure you are healthy, overcome sickness and replenish your motivation then you should carry out the following when unwell:

  • Listen – to your body when you are sick and rest.
  • Drink – plenty of fluids.
  • Seek – medical advice if your health is not improving.

When you are sick, it is better to rest than work. Remember that your body needs its energy to fight back the infection so it is best to help your body by giving it the strength that it needs instead of using it for work that you cannot do properly anyway.

Pick me up

When you feel low on energy it’s too easy to reach for the coffee, sugary snacks or energy boosting drinks and bars. However as a long term solution, to fully improve your energy levels you should begin living a healthy lifestyle. This can include eating well, carrying out regular exercise, meditating, seeking help for areas of your life you are struggling with and spending time with people who you love and you feel motivated and inspired by.

All in all low motivation and laziness is not always an issue of mentality and our physical health has much more to do with our behaviour and attitude towards work and activities. Taking care of your body can help keep motivation levels up and laziness at bay, allowing you to be more a productive and efficient individual.