Recalibrate your life

Recalibrate your life - Gold Coast

You know that feeling of wanting to bash your head against the wall at work? It’s a feeling that we all experience from time to time. A problem arises; a solution is argued over and eventually found and then you move on. Only, what if you cannot find a solution? What if you become bogged down in the same arguments going round and round, and you are no further from moving forward.

Outside of work, if an issue were preventing you from living your life then you would consider seeing a counsellor to help you re-evaluate, and gain a new perspective. Inside the world of work, you can do the same thing. You can recalibrate your life.

What is recalibration?

Recalibration is the process of getting you to understand that there are many different points of view. If you are stuck in a routine, you only ever see enough to get through the day. Recalibration is about getting you to recognise your limitations and acknowledging that there are different interpretations of the same reality. It is not a simple thing to acquire, and you cannot achieve it instantly, but there are exercises you can do to train your brain.

Firstly, remember the saying ‘Look before you leap’? Take a moment before you react to something. If you are in an argument or discussion then actively wait before you respond. It is not just about stopping you from saying something in the heat of the moment, but waiting for what that person has said to sink in before you react.

Secondly, reassess the way you respond to mundane every-day situations. For example, the next time someone irritates you, think about why they may be doing that. What is their motivation?

Thirdly, keep a diary, however, write in third person. So, ‘I went to the shops’ becomes ‘He, She or perhaps Barbara went to the shops’. Or if you don’t want to keep a diary, then write about a confrontation that happened in the third person. What this exercise does, is it detaches you from your perspective allowing you to document each party’s perspective in equally.

Try to think more creatively as it does take a certain amount of creativity to imagine other people’s point of view. Creativity is about making connections between ideas and finding new links. If you take a creative view of a problem, you might construct an innovative way of overcoming it.

Think about your surroundings. Change the way you see things by seeing things in a new way. For example, rearrange your furniture at home or drive a different route to work, find a new local place that you haven’t been before and explore it. All these strategies will force you to view the world differently.

Ultimately, recalibration is about training your brain to process things differently, to understand that what seems real to you is not a reality for others. And that in its self is a quite startling revelation. You may find that by trying to see things from a new perspective, you open up a new and more dynamic reality to yourself.