Online Coaching & Counselling

At Alegna Solutions we offer many flexible options when it comes to counselling. Not only do we operate outside the traditional 9am-5pm office hours, we also provide Online Counselling services. These services are designed for those who live further afield, prefer more anonymity or simply don’t wish to have a permanent mental health record on personal Medicare files.

A happy man engaging in online coaching and counselling sessions on his laptop | Psychologists Gold Coast | Alegna Solutions

During our sessions, we discuss in depth the challenges you are being faced with and then work with you to provide solutions that can assist. Our online counselling services follow the same processes we use in a face to face meeting. The only difference is that you save time and money on travel costs. There are is no difficult psychometric testing or paperwork to complete, we simply get straight into the sessions and assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.

All our psychologists are registered in Australia and experienced to provide you with non-judgmental support and a fresh approach to assist you long term.

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