Child Counselling

Children can benefit from therapy or counseling as much as adults can. Children, like adults, are equally vulnerable to life’s challenges and counselling can be just as helpful for them when they are dealing with difficult life events such as divorce, school transition, grief and/or developmental difficulties.

Some of the more common reasons we see children include, insomnia, night terrors, anger, violence, temper tantrums, aggressive behaviour, developmental issues, delay in speech, feelings of responsibility for separation or divorce, withdrawn behaviour, eating disorders, experiencing a traumatic event, being a victim of bullying, sadness, worry, and anxious behaviours.

Here are some Questions for you to consider………

Is your child struggling with behavioral problems or emotional difficulties?

Is your child effected by:

  • Grief & loss due to death, divorce or separation
  • Changes such as relocation, school, or family structure
  • Trauma, such as an accident, extended hospitalisation or any form of abuse
  • Chronic illness of self or family members
  • Social and/or behavioural difficulties at school
  • Behavioural difficulties at home
  • Violence and aggression
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Feeling overly worried or anxious?
  • Hitting, fighting or having problems making friends?
  • Showing poor results at school, below his/her capacities?
  • Other factors causing concern

As a parent, are you worried or at your wits end?

Do you find yourself:

  • Upset with your child’s behaviors or mood?
  • At a loss and frustrated with your child’s academic performance?
  • Doubting your skills as a parent?
  • Worried about your child social skills and behaviors at school?

How Can Counselling help my child?

Sometimes it’s clear that a specific event has affected your child. In other cases, it may not be so clear. Either way, it is not usual for children to experience stress in their young lives. We help kids and families come to terms with and cope with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. Our approach is to engage with the child and/or their parent/s as needed to develop a treatment program that will help the child return to being happy and a joy to the parents.

At Alegna Solutions, our principal psychologist, is known as ‘The Happy Lady’. She specialises in helping kids and grown up with their emotions, so they can feel better and better every day.

If you have any concerns about your child or children, give us a call today. Make a confidential appointment with ‘The Happy Lady’ or one of our skilled psychologists to help you manage and formulate a plan to help you help your children in need.

Why do things the hard way? Work smarter not harder, book an appointment now and find out the latest research on parenting and get the education you need to ensure a happy family environment.

Benefits of counselling for your child:

An Alegna Solutions psychologist can provide Family Counselling and Play therapy which can help you and your child. Via family counselling or parent coaching, you can experience:

  • An increase in your and your child’s ability to communicate
  • Being better equipped in dealing with your child’s behaviors or moods
  • Feeling more in control of yourself and less triggered by your child’s behavior
  • Becoming a more effective parent

When your child attends and experiences Art and Play therapy your child can experience:

  • A raise in self-esteem
  • An improvement in social skills and relationships with peers
  • An increase in academic performance
  • A reduction or elimination of the unwanted behaviours

Reduce stress today, call Alegna Solutions and get help instead of working harder than you need to. Make a confidential appointment and see your world start to change just by implementing some minor changes to your parenting and your home environment.