Family Counselling

Repair and strengthen your family relationships with Alegna Solutions on the Gold Coast. It’s not always easy to live happily together as a family at the best of times. When you’re facing a challenge together, it can be even more stressful and difficult. Situations such as:

A picture of a happy family with the mother, father and two boys | Need family counselling to lead a happy family life? Contact Psychologists Gold Coast | Alegna Solutions
  • financial stress
  • illness or severe trauma in the family
  • a close loved one such as a grandparent passing away
  • moving cities (or countries)
  • changing schools
  • hormonal changes (puberty, menopause etc)
  • divorce or separation
  • difficulty with extended family
  • illness or death of a family pet
  • incarceration of a family member

As well as other changes and pressures can cause breakdowns in communication, cooperation and other essential processes of living together.

You may find yourselves:

  • spending less time together, even when everyone’s at home
  • yelling and shouting instead of speaking calmly
  • not taking care of household cleaning and maintenance
  • avoiding spending time at home
  • not considering family members as confidantes
  • being inconsiderate of family members’ personal space and privacy

Even extended relatives can have difficulties; common symptoms of discord include judgmental commentary, avoiding getting together for special occasions, and lack of connection with new members including new children. If this sounds like you and your household, then family therapy on the Gold Coast with Alegna Solutions may be of assistance.

Our Gold Coast practice provides a safe, welcoming space for families to attend together (or separately) to begin working through their issues. Our therapy service also caters to non-nuclear families, including single-parent and blended families. Our team consists of psychologists with special professional interest and training in family therapy. Our Gold Coast clinic’s principal psychologist Angela Elia takes a unique approach directed at ensuring that all members have a chance to express themselves, and build lasting bonds with one another.

For more information or to book your initial appointment, please contact us on 1300 304 385.