Parenting Issues & Advice

Common Parenting Problems

Here is a list of common parenting problems that normal parents experience with their youngsters. Some of these issues pertain to very young children while some pertain to older children and teens. If your child has any of these issues, you can rest assured that he or she is in good company! An Alegna Solutions psychologist can help parents manage at all ages.

Common Issues that Children and Teens Experience:

  • Troubles with toilet training
  • Bites other children
  • Pushes or hits other children
  • Kicks or hits parents and caregivers
  • Is rude to parents or caregivers
  • Teases siblings
  • Hurts siblings
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Won’t eat regular food
  • Refuses to get ready for bed
  • Refuses to have a bath or shower
  • Won’t brush his or her hair or teeth
  • Argues
  • Won’t do homework independently
  • Has tantrums or fits of anger
  • Is unaffected by rewards or discipline
  • Has night time fears
  • Has fears (of needles, clowns, bugs, etc.)
  • Worries
  • Has nervous habits
  • Constantly forgets to bring home or take back school assignments
  • Chooses the wrong friends
  • Gets in trouble at school
  • Lies
  • Cheats
  • Steals
  • Breaks the law
  • Gets suspended or expelled from school
  • Refuses to go to school
  • Stays out past curfew
  • Forgets to call home
  • Is unmotivated
  • Talks back
  • Has trouble making friends
  • Doesn’t communicate with parents

There are many other common parenting issues. Children will mature and a lot of issues do disappear on their own. But many require parental guidance and intervention. It’s important to know how to help your child reduce negative behaviours and feelings and become the best person he or she can be.

Consult one of our psychologists now and get some techniques to reduce stress in your household. Help your children get back to functioning properly at home and at school as soon as possible.  Call us now for a confidential appointment.