Trial Counselling

Pre-Trial Counselling Australia

Going through any legal battle can be a tiring and draining experience and it can take a lot out of you emotionally, physically and mentally. Alegna Solutions provides a pre-trail counselling service for all Australians. Whether you are going through a divorce or fighting a commercial trial, we offer counselling to help you cope with the effects of going through the legal process.

If you are going through commercial litigation, our pre-trial counselling will work with you and your lawyer to make sure you have the correct frame of mind to go through the process to the best of your ability. The legal world is challenging and puzzling for most people.

There are customs and processes that you won’t know or understand, and the complex legal language can be confusing. For people going through this, there is no definite support system in place; you can feel totally lost at sea.

With pre-trial counselling, Alegna Solutions will help you make sense of it all. We can support you by offering practical advice, advise you on what you might expect and discuss how to handle it if you don’t win.

If you have ended your marriage and are divorcing, then we can help you through this painful and turbulent time. The pre-trial counselling that we provide at Alegna Solutions Australia can help in these cases too. It can be exhausting, but we are here to help you through it. Pre-trial counselling can be done as a couple, or as an individual.

We can support you by offering practical advice and guide you through what to expect and discuss how to handle things if the settlement isn’t in your favour.

Unfortunately, when a couple decide that their marriage is no longer working, there are many practical issues to face. Pre-trial counselling discusses these issues objectively and with a mediator. These are issues such as:

  • Splitting assets
  • Parenting responsibilities
  • New living arrangements
  • New financial position
  • Identify issues
  • Separation Anxiety for children, and other family members

It is always better to settle a divorce with as little conflict as possible, especially if there are children involved. We know that this isn’t always the case. People often feel anger and bitterness, and sometimes it can feel like a personal failure. Through pre-trial counselling at Alegna Solutions Australia, we are there to help you with the emotional side of divorce. We will help with:

  • Getting over the loss
  • Dealing with the failure of the marriage
  • Getting over the guilt of splitting up a family unit
  • Resentment of your partner
  • Dealing with opinions of others
  • Hurting the children

There will come a time when you will move on with your life. People who attend pre-trial counselling gain a new perspective and find going to counselling helps them learn more about themselves. Ultimately, divorce is hard, so share the burden with us; we can help you through.