Organisational Consulting

What is Organisational Consulting

Organisational psychology consulting is a specialty area of psychology that addresses assessment and interventions at the individual, group, and organisational levels. Industrial/organisation psychology consulting is a title within psychology used to describe professional consultants that work with companies to improve their internal operations. The complexity and nuance of industrial organisation consultations aims to address individual performance and health while helping the company. Consulting psychologists need to be able to understand and work within the individual, team, and systems levels to be effective in consulting roles.

Why You Need a Psychologist as Your Organisational Consultant

What psychologists bring to corporate consulting.

As a business owner or manager, you must know that hiring the right staff is crucial for success. But what about visiting us at Alegna Solutions Psychology Practice? The truth is that we can be extremely valuable to businesses of all sizes. We are able to help solve real business problems and give you insight into your own behaviour as an employer.

Psychology helps build better teams.

We at Alegna Solutions are well-versed in the social and emotional aspects of business. We understand how people interact, and know what makes a team successful.

If you’re working on building a new team or improving an existing one, you can use us to make those efforts more effective. For example:

  • What makes teams work? Psychologists study this question extensively, so we have plenty of answers for you!
  • How are teams formed? Very few people show up to work one day with no idea who their coworkers will be, but there are still some basic principles that apply in every company and industry when it comes to forming groups. We can provide guides for your company through these important processes so that everyone has the chance at getting along well from day one.
  • How does my team operate? Most companies invest heavily in creating an environment where employees feel safe expressing themselves openly—but how often do leaders actually listen? Asking questions about what kind of conversations happen around them is just as important for building trust as knowing whether there’s enough money set aside for vacation days or retirement savings plans available for new hires.

Need to Know What to do?

If you need help overcoming old problems and need to learn new ways to make your workplace more productive, then come visit us at Alegna Solutions Psychology Practice. We can help you figure out how your employees behave in the workplace, how employees relate to each other and with their supervisors, we can help your employees learn their roles and what works best for them for optimal performance.

We can also help understand and manage group behaviour and identify the variables that affect the team dynamics, we can help you apply this knowledge in practice. As a psychology practice we can also observe and interpret nonverbal communication cues, which are essential for understanding the different aspects of group behaviour. While it’s impossible for any psychologist to accurately predict specific outcomes of leadership decisions or employee interactions, we will be able to explain why these situations are happening as they unfold, with this information you can then make an informed decision about what changes need to be made for a thriving office environment.

So, consider booking an appointment with us at Alegna Solutions Psychology Practice today. Make your company be the best it can be, with a thriving team and an understanding psychologist to help you make the best decisions along the way.

Psychology and your Business Bottom Line

If your company needs help with analysing your current situation and you require recommendations for change that will improve your bottom line, give us a call at Alegna solutions Psychology Practice. By considering the psychological and financial aspects of your business, we can help you develop a business plan and analyse these factors together.

Together we can develop strategies that are customised to your needs and help you achieve your business goal.