Relationship Advice on the Gold Coast

Being in a long term, monogamous relationship is a way of life which is common in many different countries and cultures, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Being in a satisfying relationship with a significant other has been shown to bring about happiness, life satisfaction, the ability to manage illness better, as well as an overall sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship with your partner would also make you less likely to be depressed or anxious; it also lowers your risk of cardiovascular and immune system difficulties.

Two people in a relationship laughing with each other | Enhance your bond with trusted relationship advice and counselling from Psychologists Gold Coast | Alegna Solutions

A healthy, marriage or partnership also influences the happiness of other family members. Children of unhappy couples have an increased likelihood of developing anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems. Accessing relationship advice or couples counselling services at our practice on the Gold Coast can help shape your marriage or partnership for the better, including building positive and loving behaviours and habits, and restoring channels of communication.

What are some of the common issues?

Most, if not all intimate relationships will experience difficulty at some point. Whether it’s a temporary problem that is caused by a trauma or significant event, or an ongoing issue with communication and cooperation, you’re not alone. If you and your partner are experiencing problems in your relationship, be assured that your relationship is not abnormal.

However, if the problems in your relationship are persistent and/or affecting your quality of life, we would recommend that you seek out relationship advice or couples counselling at our Gold Coast clinic. Some of the more common problems include:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Power struggles
  • Role conflicts
  • Poor intimacy
  • Infidelity
Two happy couples in a relationship | Enhance your bond with trusted relationship advice and counselling from Psychologists Gold Coast | Alegna Solutions

Marriage and couples therapy can enhance their relationship, even if there are no specific areas of difficulty – this is often referred to as relationship enhancement. For more information on our relationship advice and marriage counselling services, or to book your initial appointment at our Gold Coast clinic, please contact us on 1300 304 385.

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