Depression and Suicidal – How are they linked?

Depression and Suicidal – How are they linked? - Gold Coast

Depression and Suicidal Tendencies

The recent death of actor and comedian Robin Williams has put the spotlight back onto one of the world’s most fatal mental illnesses – depression. It’s sad to think that the comedian, who made audiences laugh until they cry, has now brought them tears of sorrow. More unfortunate though, was the fact that while he made those who were watching him truly happy, the comedian didn’t quite feel the same. He openly struggled with depression and was clearly not coping as well as everyone thought.

Depression: The Bigger Picture

At present, depression is a growing global problem, as millions and millions of people from every corner of the world suffer in their everyday lives. Depression on its own is quite concerning enough, but it’s the results that can occur if not managed correctly.

Some people who suffer various degrees of depression can exhibit signs of excessive weight gain or weight loss due to poor diet, while others resort to drug and alcohol abuse. More frightening though, is that they develop suicidal tendencies that forces them to take their own lives, such as in the case of the said comedian.

Depression: The Lead Role

Although depression is not the sole motivation for suicidal tendencies, it is definitely one of the most influencing factors that lead to it. Many studies have found time and again that suicidal tendencies are very high among the depressed people. These can include students who constantly fail academically, employees who lose their jobs, entrepreneurs who can’t get their business back on track, and many others. The one thing they all hold in common is they have hope that one day life will become better.

Why Depressed People Commit Suicide

Depressed people commit suicide for several reasons. Often they see suicide as the only means of escape from the hopeless situation that they see themselves in. They justify that without life, there is no feeling, and without any feeling, there can be no pain. Yes, from the point of view of a depressed person, to end life is to end pain and hopelessness.

Another reason behind this drastic action is that they believe that this is the only way that they can spare their loved ones of the pain and misery that they and their issues bring. They tend to blame themselves too much, and believe that they will be doing their loved ones good, by not being part of their lives.

Depression: No Laughing Matter

Depression, as we have seen in the case of Robin Williams and thousands of other depressed people who have taken their lives because of it, is no laughing matter. Suffice to say that much like comedy, depression is a serious business.

If we are to beat depression, then we need to give more attention into understanding it, and finding more solutions to address this problem and prevent it from destroying and taking more lives.

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