Employment Support Services (ESS)

Alegna Solutions provides a specialised program designed to address specific needs of employment agencies clientele who have been assessed with multiple non-vocational barriers.

All practitioners at Alegna Solutions are registered psychologists and have direct experience working with individuals with complex needs in relation to mental health issues impacting their ability to engage in employment.

Why choose Alegna Solutions?

  • Psychological intervention may improve KPI 1 & KPI 2 outcomes by assisting job seekers to increase motivation, self-esteem, self-worth and to build resilience.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support for job seekers assists in addressing negative thinking and self defeating beliefs thereby increasing work participation and retention.
  • Professional support service providing advocacy, support and lifestyle coaching to job seekers who require intensive assistance to overcome non-vocational barriers to employment and other life altering circumstances.

Find out for yourself

To find out more about how our Employment Support Services (ESS) services can benefit your organisation please call our practice and request a free, no strings attached face to face or telephone consultation with our ESS manager. Alternatively please email [email protected]