Lifestyle Management and Chasing the Dream

Lifestyle Management and Chasing the Dream - Gold Coast

Lifestyle Management and Chasing the Dream

Chasing after your dreams is often easier said than done, especially for the majority of people. It’s easy to have a dream or a goal in life – but grabbing it and making it happen, now that’s a different story. Why is this so? Well, the reasons are varied, and two of the most common are detailed below.

Self-comparison Kills Your Dreams

It may sound a bit overrated, but it is true – comparing yourself to other people can greatly harm your chances of achieving your dreams and aspirations. For one, when you compare yourself to a more successful person, you end up feeling sorry for yourself, and start to wallow in self-pity. In such a case, you spend time worrying about what you are doing wrong or what qualities and values you lack. You spend so much time worrying that you aren’t getting any actual work done – and thus be one step closer to your dreams.

By comparing yourself to other people, you are blinded by your weaknesses and forget to see and appreciate your strengths. You see yourself as incapable and forget about or ignore your past accomplishments.

Self-comparison, when done right, can be a powerful source of motivation, but otherwise, it can be incapacitating.

Going for the Wrong Dreams

We all dream of different things. From big houses and flashy cars through to successful careers and businesses. The dream of being financially free applies to many people. By focusing on the material objects, we end up being materialistic and make it difficult on ourselves to achieve these dreams.

When we set our goals and dreams into these material things, we end up wanting more. Who wouldn’t want a equally classy car for their mansion, or the new iPhone together with their smart watches? We become engrossed with acquiring more and more objects which end up leaving us unhappy, discontented and sometimes broke.

Chasing Your Dreams

As mentioned above, self-comparison and setting your sights on the wrong dreams and goals do not help us achieve the ultimate goal in life of happiness and contentment.

If we truly want to achieve these two things, we should stop comparing ourselves to others, appreciate what we have and focus on our strengths. Use these strengths and unique qualities to become a better person and achieve your dreams.

We should learn to love ourselves more, because only when we are happy with who we are, do we start to truly function as a human being. It’s the person who knows their unique strengths and values, and how to use these as tools who is making their dreams a reality.

Make sure your priorities and dreams are set right. Instead of a mansion, why not go for a simple house in the suburbs? Surely it’s more about the family or people who live inside that home. The sooner we begin letting go of these material attachments and ego, the earlier we are able to begin living a happier and more satisfying life.