Mid year Review and Evaluation

Mid year Review and Evaluation - Gold Coast

It’s the middle of the year and time for a mid-year review. We spend time reviewing our finances and businesses at this time of year, with the end of the Australian financial year. However, it should also be a time for you to review your health and well being.

Are you where you want to be? Is your health the best it can be? For many of us, we go through the days, weeks and years on auto pilot without taking the time to stop and evaluate. Well, we’re advising that you do, and here are some tools to help ensure you are well-rested and relaxed.


Getting a good night’s sleep can cure all kinds of issues so is a definite must. Take note that a satisfying sleep is not about how long you spend in bed, but rather about the quality of sleep that you get.


It sounds obvious, but try to avoid anything that causes you stress. For instance, if you have a long to do list, then go through one thing at a time. If somebody adds to your ‘list’, then let them know you will help as soon as you are done. Remember, you can never please everybody, and trying to do so will only put undue stress and pressure on yourself. If it can’t be avoided, practice delegation that will help relieve you of some stress, and also ensure the job gets done.


Third, be sure to rest your brain now and then. The human brain can only process so much information at any given time, and when overloaded, it tends to decrease in function.

Mental exhaustion is common in the workplace nowadays, especially when much of the work relies on concentration and mental alertness.

Take some time off after you’ve completed a particular task or a milestone – walk to the coffee machine, spend a few minutes chatting with colleagues to relieve your brain. If you’re at home, then make a cuppa and call a friend for 5 minutes. Anything to get your mind off the helter skelter for a while. Doing so will help you get back to your tasks feeling more invigorated and focused.

It is true that the human brain is more complex than any other technological advances out there, but like most technologies, it can break down under pressure and without regular maintenance. Thus, be sure to take the advice given above as doing so will greatly help in ensuring that you’ll live through to see next year’s midyear review and evaluation.