Spirituality – How Faith Helps you cope with Adversity

Spirituality – How Faith Helps you cope with Adversity - Gold Coast

At some time, we will all face adversity, so why is it that some fall apart while others seem to flourish amid difficult circumstances? The answer is faith. Far beyond a tradition you observe, faith is the cornerstone of your life, a framework that guides your every action. Therefore, when facing adversity, faith can bring you through it intact. So, what is it about faith that changes both your outlook on and the outcome of your circumstances? Read on to find out.

Stress is something everyone is familiar with. Stress is that unwelcome visitor which wreaks havoc on your body, mind and spirit. Without appropriate coping mechanisms, stress causes physical (stomach pain, headaches, nausea, etc.) and psychological (anxiety, fear, panic, etc.) harm. Although you can’t always control our physical circumstances, faith provides reassurance that you aren’t going through life alone.

Faith is a spiritual foundation through which your perspective toward life forms. It urges you to look beyond your immediate existence for your true purpose and how you may serve the world with it. On a practical level, faith gives you something to rely on in trying times. It is the single constant in a life that can seem unpredictable.

Whichever form your faith takes, mounting evidence suggests that people with a spiritual side are better equipped to cope with stress. Through direct and indirect influence, faith can help you cope with illness and devastation in a productive manner.

Meaning and Purpose – “Everything happens for a reason.” While it may seem cliché, it often proves true for those with faith. An entrenched belief system ensures you are better able to understand the complex issues of life and your purpose in it and extends to stressful circumstances. Faith helps you place the situation in perspective and ensures you will reap something positive from even the most negative of experiences.

Unites you with Like-Minded People – At the core of all belief systems, whether it be Christian, Buddhist or Spiritualist, is a supportive community of like-minded people. During stressful times, knowing there are people you can talk to who share your beliefs is an immense comfort. This way, you are not just engaging in empty conversation; you are sharing with someone who understands your trials in a spiritual context.

Provides Hope and Acceptance – If faith is a central aspect of which you are, you will be inclined to have a more positive outlook than those without faith. A deep-seated faith promotes a sense of optimism and a belief that everything will work out for the best. Most importantly, during stressful periods, faith helps you to accept what you cannot control, and focus on what you can control – your words and actions.

Helps Keep You Calm – Most branches of faith include prayer and quiet contemplation. Similar to meditation and other relaxation activities, prayer can promote many physical changes, which result in stress reduction. Prayer helps regulate your breathing and forces you to concentrate on the issue at hand, rather than focus on every little thing that may be worrying you.