Strategies to fight Corona!

Strategies to fight Corona! - Gold Coast

“In the Middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

Where COVID-19 brings difficulties with itself, it also brings opportunities for us to seek. It is important to look at the positive side of the Pandemic that lead us become isolated, anxious, a bit depressed, socially distanced and physically weak.

Let’s see how we can take advantage of these negative health effects and bring ourselves to a better level of mental health.


When the sufferers of Pandemic are requested to stay isolated from others in Quarantine, it is the best opportunity for self-exploration. Instead of going into depression of getting alone or being separated from the world, it’s better to dig into yourself and find out how you can spend this time constructively.

  • If you like to draw or paint, try doing that!
  • If you miss someone, write a letter to them and express your feelings, which you might have not done in past sometime.
  • If you miss working on something important, plan your future goals. This maybe the best time for future planning and goal setting.


If you are hit with health anxiety or frustration with your physical symptoms. Try physical and mental health exercises. For some, it may be their first opportunity to try mental health exercise. You can contact your Counselor on how you can practice, deep breathing and relaxation exercise.


If you find yourself feeling sad about your physical health, try to indulge in some healthy activity. Use your time in the best possible way. You can read a self-help book. You can call a friend to feel better, you can start some activity that interests you but you couldn’t do it in your regular routine.

Social distancing

Becoming socially distanced during pandemic is essential to control the spread of this disease. Social distance might be a blessing for an introvert but for an extrovert it can be the hardest time he has to go through. If you feel lonely, then use this time of loneliness to learn something new. Make this time therapeutic for your inner anxieties and frustration. You can utilize this time for the best of your mental and physical health. Meditation and physical exercise can be a good idea to practice at this time of social distancing. If you miss your social circle, you write a letter to them and can express your feelings about them and you can even remind them of the best times you have spent together, this will strengthen your relationship with them.

Managing physical symptoms with mental capacities

Whenever we face any physical condition, it is very important to keep our mind healthy, otherwise, the physical condition affects mental condition and the symptoms can worsen. Hence, taking therapeutic measures to keep your mind healthy and talking to your psychologist over the call, when needed, can help you keep your mind fresh and healthy. Keeping the physical treatment along will help you fight this condition with more strength.

Remember! To fight Pandemic, we need to have a positive look at life, this will boost our immunity and we can get out from the condition very very soon.